CT Links

Eli Lilly GBDJ - https://www.webcrf.net/rewind
Covance Kits Ordering - http://www.covance.com/kitordering
GBDJ - Firecrest Clinical Online Training - https://www17.firecrestclinical.com/identity-ui/ui/login/#/realm/017
GBDJ - ICON Medical Imaging (IMI) FTP server -  ftp://ftpdata.iconmedicalimaging.com/emperor/
BIAJ - DICOM Login and Upload - https://portal.agmednet.net/Desktop-Agent
BIAM - PHT - https://mystudy.phtstudy.com/ssa/
Online Training - epresentonline.com
Sanofi - Med Point e-Learning Portal - https://www.medpt.com/EFCStudies/register/register.aspx
Almac Clinical Technologies Web IXRS - https://www.icti-global.com/IXRS
Bayer - WebWise Learning -
AstraZeneca - IWRS - Clinphone - http://www.clinphone.com/signin/
AstraZeneca - iMedidata - https://login.imedidata.com/login
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